One Little Sin

One Little Sin - Liz Carlyle This book was only a little better than ok for me. I just thought the romance between the main characters was a bit dry at times, but it did have it's moments. Liz Carlyle is a bit hit and miss for me. I absolutely love The Devil You Know, and am trying to read all of her books although I haven't been able to read them in order.

There are some parts in the beginning of the book that just made me groan. The opening of the book is really over the top, complete with the hero getting whacked between the eyes with a rake that he steps on while running away from a jealous husband. That part is followed with a visit with a gypsy fortune teller whose dire predictions of doom had me rolling my eyes. Many character are introduced whom I assume will all be paired up with someone eventually.

I think the thing that really kills the story is the assumption from the start of the book that the hero has slept with the heroines mother. It's just so disgusting to think that any self respecting woman would involve herself with her own mothers lover. YUCK! YUCK! YUCK!

The pacing of the book is nice other than what is listed above and the naughty bits are well done and well placed. I think most readers of the genre will enjoy it on some level but I don't think it's a keeper.