The Rise of Renegade X

The Rise of Renegade X - Chelsea M. Campbell This review is for the audible audiobook version of The Rise of Renegade X by Chelsea M. Campbell.

I really, really enjoyed the book! I think the best single word that describes this story is fun. It's a little campy and some parts are quite silly [Mainly the idea that there is a virus that makes a V for villain or H for hero show up on peoples thumbs.], but it really had a nice blend of snarky humor, teen angst, and costumed superhero stuff.

I also really enjoyed the narration on this one. I thought the guys voice fit the main character; although it probably would have driven me crazy if this had been a more serious type of story. He really goes all out on the main character's mother's voice; I laughed when I first heard it.

I really liked all the characters in the story for once. It's been awhile since I came away from a book that didn't have at least one character I wanted to slap up the side of the head of the author. It's really nice when you're interested in all the characters and what motivates each of them. So, I'm looking forward to picking up the next book in the series.