If He's Tempted (The Wherlockes)

If He's Tempted (The Wherlockes) - Hannah Howell I'm going to have to go with just two stars on this one, the it's ok rating.

I was liking the story pretty well at first and I enjoyed the writing style but it began to drag as it went on. There were simply too many side characters in it, detracting from the romance of the main characters. I started to get annoyed and angry at the author everytime a new relative or bastard child was introduced in the story. It made for a monstrous amount of unnecessary and boring filler.

I'm guessing the point is each and every one of these people will get their own book at some point, but come on! Enough is enough, if I am reading a romance between two people I expect that the bulk of the book will be about those two people. Then the climax of the story happened about 3/4 of the way in and there was a seemingly endless wrap up to the story. Now I'm just relieved to be done with it.