Need - Carrie Jones I had a hard time putting a star rating to this book. There were some parts of this that really wanted to be good, but were ruined by other elements of the book.

What I liked:

Evil Pixies
Parts of it were pretty creepy.
The quirky hobby of quoting phobias, by the main character was sort of fun.

What I didn't like:

The words Amnesty International, martyrdom, and pacifism were branded about quite a bit in this book. None of which were ever really enacted by any of the characters. Few things are more obnoxious than having a bunch of pseudo moralistic hippy philosophy ramrodded down your throat without any substance to back it up.

I feel like there is a political agenda being force fed to me here. If I wanted to read that kind of stuff I'd look to non fiction writers to do so. -_-