Ruby Red

Ruby Red - Kerstin Gier This book had a quite a few problems for me. First off 3/4 of the book reads like a prolog. Nothing really happens and there is a lot of so-and-so is the father of so-and-so and so forth. Not my idea of riveting reading. I know that this is part of a trilogy but I still expected a self contained story within these pages; and there isn't one.

The other problem is the main character herself. I can't stand her. She does things that make no good sense. She never wants to let go of her stupid cell phone, and acts like a 8 or 9 year old instead of a 16 year old girl.

Maybe the story loses something in translation, or will stand up better if read back to back with the other two books in the series. The third book doesn't come out until october when I may or may not pick this back up and finish it.

I have given it two stars because other parts of the story do sound promising.