Tangled - Mary Balogh Let me say that I count Mary Balogh among one of my favorite authors and she has written many wonderful books. For that reason I hope that this isn't the first book by her that you are thinking of reading. I'm hard pressed to put into words how much I disliked this book. I have liked the other Mary Balogh books I have read but not this one. It was very creepy and disturbing to me. There is a very trashy feel to it, reality TV trashy, only with a historical setting.

I didn't like any of the characters. You have David, a man who shoots his own step brother and then marries his widow. Then Rebecca the widow is completely self delusional with creepy beliefs about duty and marriage. Then there is Julian, Rebecca's first husband, a completely unrepentant scoundrel whom I found myself liking far more than the other two. I found the love triangle quite disgusting.

The writing also has a lot of reiteration. It's just altogether not good. I'd advise anyone reading this to pick some other book by this author to read.