The Glass Ocean

The Glass Ocean - Lori Baker I will not star this book because I quit at page 54. Received it in a goodreads giveaway.

Seems to be the type of book that wins a literary award and lingers about a century longer than it should to torment high school students by being an enforced reading assignment. I have no doubt that some overeducated academic will espouse that this book is well written because of this or that; but I think it's just really wordy and obnoxious.

The author has chosen to thumb her nose at what would be considered conventionally good sentence flow by waffling between sentences that are really, really long [Some over 100 words. - Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.], and others that are short and choppy. [A book with this many sentences started with the word and or but should come with a warning.]

Here is a small Vocabulary Sample taken from those 54 pages that I read:

mal de mer

I thought the book was really boring and I didn't like it. That being said; I'm sure this book will find it's audience but that audience isn't me.