The Returned

The Returned - Jason Mott I'm going to just go ahead and move this book to my DNF shelf. While I think this book is exceptionally well written in some respects, it just isn't my type of thing. I commend the author for his exceptional use of dialog, which sometimes makes you think you're standing in the room with the characters it feels so natural -- the story is just such a downer I can't take any more of it.

In some ways it kind of reminded me of that TV show about the zombies, The Walking Dead, I think it's called. All of the characters are only in the story for a brief amount of time, and I don't like things like that. It's depressing. ;-(

So, no star rating for this book. I do love the guys writing style if I don't care for this particular story; maybe if he wrote something more upbeat I'd pick it up.