Pretty Dead

Pretty Dead - Francesca Lia Block WOW!! I've got a few things to say about this book, so where to start?

I'm kind of shocked and puzzled by the negative and neutral reviews on this book. I think that the book is kind of poorly classified and marketed. From the cover and title I was expecting a sort of fluffy vampire story, and the writing couldn't be farther away from that. This is far more Anne Rice than it is Stephenie Meyer. It really feels more like an adult novel too.

The book is beautifully written in first person narrative. The author conveys deep feelings of nostalgia and introspection. When I read this I really felt like I was living Charlotte's life. I understand that the author is known for writing books that can be classified as magical realism and I feel that this book also fits into that category.

If you are looking for an epic vampire romance this book won't satisfy you; but it is an amazingly written vampire story. Highly recommended for adults and mature young adults.