Indebted - Amy A. Bartol, Emily Woo Zeller I'm finally finished with this terrible book. I really liked the first book in the series, I was disappointed with the second one, but by the end of this one I just wanted Evie to die a painfull death. This story is completely obnoxious. Evie is completely in love with whatever guy she happens to be with at the moment. She's stupid, whiny, and slutty. She is the most beautiful girl in the whole of heaven and earth. Every beautiful man in the whole of heaven and earth is in love with her. Why? Because she is the most special of special girls. Mary Sue, much?

Every character in the story is completely in love with Evie for no reason that any logical person could figure out. This includes all secondary characters both male and female. They abandon everything to obsess about what she's doing. All plots except I love Evie have been abandoned for more I love Evie.

I could rant even more but I just want it to end now. I only recommend this book for those who like to drown in narcissistic wish fulfillment fantasies.