The Heart Thief (The Rhapp's Barren Triptych Book 1)

The Heart Thief (The Rhapp's Barren Triptych Book 1) - S. Lee Benedict, Karen Robinson Parts of this review are specificity for the Audible Audiobook version. "I was provided this audiobook at no charge by the author, publisher and/or narrator in exchange for an unbiased review via AudiobookBlast dot com.”

The Heart Thief: The Rhapp's Barren Triptych, Volume 1 written by S. Lee Benedict and narrated by R. C. Quartermaine is speculative fiction at it's best. Mr. Benedict does an excellent job fusing elements of Pulp Horror, Science Fiction, and Urban Fantasy together.

This book just comes shy of being superhero fiction, and I actually was reminded of Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson as I was reading it; not in content of course but rather something about the writing style and mood.

It's an action packed, plot driven young adult novel that's not bogged down by excessive info dumping or maudlin romance. The book moves seamlessly from beginning to end and although we come to a satisfying stopping point at the end; we are also left with a hook to reel us into the next part of the story.

As for the narration, The Heart Thief is told though multiple points of view both male and female. Thankfully R. C. Quartermaine handles these shifts in a masterful fashion and each person has a distinct voice. I was never left wondering who was speaking. His voice is very, very pleasant to listen to.

Some of my impressions while reading the book:

2.0% "Has an action packed prolog and my first impression of the narrator is really good."

12.0% "Very easy to listen to so far."

22.0% "Interesting..."

37.0% "Ghoulish villains abound, oh my..."

62.0% "Very interesting story so far... it's sort of got a pulp hero / weird science slant to it. Ha-ha, I can't help imagining the family as looking sort of like the Addams family though..."

76.0% "I should be sleeping... I'm going to be so dead tired tomorrow..."

Recommended to fans of Brandon Sanderson's Steelheart, Mary Shelly's Frankenstein, and other readers of highly imaginative fiction.