Sensual Phrase, Vol. 1

Sensual Phrase, Vol. 1 - Mayu Shinjo Well, well... Sensual Phrase is a little on the naughty side. It's not repulsively graphic but it's definitely got a lot of teenage angst and hormones going on. I think I probably should have known that by the title alone. I liked the first volume, good thing I guess; since I've already bought almost the whole series.

No time is wasted getting Aine would be lyricist; and rock star Sakuya together. In fact it's a bit too fast for me and I wish a little more time had been taken with it but it is what it is. I knew it had to be a bit older than I first thought because they use both a pager and a tape recorder in one part of the story. After checking it I saw that it was originally printed in 1997 in Japan and got its english translation in 2004.

The story looks promising enough and I already have them so I'll continue reading this series.