Sensual Phrase, Vol. 2

Sensual Phrase, Vol. 2 - Mayu Shinjo I gotta say I did not enjoy this volume of Sensual Phrase. I really found a lot of issues with this one. You know how sometimes you just enjoy the quirky things and tropes that go on in manga and they turn out to be fun? Well, that isn't one of those times. The behavior of the characters in this volume is really over the top, and ridiculous. Everything happens way too fast, and the overblown drama spoils the mood.

Oh, and there is one of the worst manga tropes, the evil caucasian foreigner. It really comes across as racist, xenophobic, and the real crime, unimaginative.

Oh, well there is hope for redemption I guess. I have fifteen more volumes to go, and this opinion is only based on the content of this volume. It may hold up better by the end of the series.