The Firebird

The Firebird - Susanna Kearsley, Katherine Kellgren The Firebird is a sort of strange story about a woman named Nicola who can see the past by touching an object. On a sort of far fetched act of altruism Nicola takes it on herself to try to authenticate the history of a dying womans family heirloom called The Firebird. Her quest takes her across the UK and all the way to Russia in the company of her former lover who is also a psychic.

Nicola sort of vicariously relives the life of Anna, a girl caught up in political events stemming from the Jacobite uprising. It's just my opinion but Anna's story was a lot more interesting and fleshed out than Nicola's.

I really enjoy Susanna Kearsley's writing style but on the whole I found this book to have far too many contrivances. It's a likeable story but I felt like it all happened a little too easily. I never had a sense of urgency, or conflict, or excitement while reading it. The book is pretty much the combining of two short stories and neither feels really satisfyingly explored.

Just a note; it is a romance but there are no graphic sex scenes described.

It's a rainy day- I don't want to involve myself- Nothing better to do with my time- Bedtime- Relaxing- sort of book.