Fogtown - Andersen Gabrych, Brad Rader This is the second book I've picked up from the Vertigo Crime imprint and I think it will probably be my last. I try not to give spoilers in my reviews so what should I say about this?

A lot of it was very cliché. All of the most overused tropes are dragged out and combined with strange LGBT themes. I was left with a rather ambiguous idea of whether the author was trying to say that homosexuality is a perversion or not. On the surface he seemed to be saying no but some of the subtext was telling me a different story...

Parts of the book feel like the author was getting a bonus for ever four letter word or vulgarity he could squeeze in there.

The art isn't what I would describe as beautiful but it does lend itself well to the type of story being told. Too bad the story itself wasn't that great.

It wasn't what I was expecting and altogether went away from the experience feeling a little unclean. Like I didn't even really want to tell anyone that I actually read something like this. And yet I kept flipping the pages so there was something there; it could have been better, but it wasn't.