Futures End The New 52, Vol. 1

Futures End The New 52, Vol. 1 - Jeff Lemire, Jesús Merino, Keith Giffen, Aaron Lopresti, Brian Azzarello, Scot Eaton, Patrick Zircher, Dan Jurgens I kept going back and forth about how much I liked this. It's definitely not a five star read but honestly I'm pretty into the story and want to finish it so it's that good at least. One of the best parts for me anyway is that the story has a lot characters that just don't get a lot of opportunities to shine. There are quite a few players in the story that are in different places doing different things. How all these different events tie together is what we are building up to I guess.

I feel like I might have to get the Earth 2 books after this and read those, because the keep talking about the Earth 2 War, and its fallout. If there was anything I would really complain about content wise it's that Mister Terrific is shown, in my opinion, to be acting somewhat out of character at least in the beginning of the story. He's portrayed as this smarmy media personality, all obsessed with making sure he's "trending". 0_0 Sigh.

The art is acceptable but not mindblowing.