Jupiter's Circle, Vol. 1 - Wilfredo Torres, Frank Quitely, Mark Millar

Even when I know that I've hated other works by an author there's always the hope when I read a new graphic novel that I'll just love this one. Maybe this story will be something I like. That didn't happen here, and maybe I should have know better from the get go.

Mark Millar appears to have only one character archetype in his arsenal and that type is douchebag. This has got to be one of the most banal comics I've ever stumbled across. No mystery, no action, no heroes, and apparently no overarching plot. If there is any theme to be plucked out of this I guess it's the exploration of people who weren't conforming to mid century social values.

I dislike Mark Millar's use of actual people in this story. He takes every opportunity to present everyone in the worst possible light. It annoys me. Is it so hard to make up your own characters for these roles?

Extended Review with Pictures:


Jupiter's Circle is a prequel to another book called Jupiter's Legacy. I got this book from the Humble Comics Bundle Image Featuring Creators Own Worlds. I've given it two stars primarily for the art and character designs that I liked.