Danger Club Volume 1: Death - Landry Q. Walker

I'm a little confused about the writer's vision to be honest. What were they going for? Parody? Mashup? A study in archetypes? I'm not really sure but I've been left with the lingering feeling that I've already read this book somewhere before. Obviously I haven't but it just feels like that. Because the vision isn't obvious it feels unoriginal. Many of the sidekicks are like more depressing junior versions of well known characters across many different comic companies.

I'm not sure if Danger Club is an ongoing or a limited series. Only issues #1-4 were included in this collection. I would kind of like to read the next volume and see where it goes. I really can't decide whether this was any good or not.

I liked the art alright but most of the story is depictions of fight scenes, explosions and acts of violence making it all feel extremely short. I mean yes occasionally we want a nice large detailed splash page but those should be impactful and used to accentuate the story. There’s too much wasted space in this book that could have been used for character development and world building.

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