Sons of the Devil Volume 1 (Sons of the Devil Tp) - Toni Infante, Toni Infante, Brian Buccellato

Sons of the Devil, Volume 1
by Brian Buccellato


My rating: 4 of 5 stars 


When I first saw this book I was looking about trying to find out what genre it was but because I'm a lazy, impatient girl I gave up pretty quickly and decided to just read it. Imagine my embarrassment when I realised that the story actually seems to be about a bunch of kids fathered by this devil? worshiping? cult leader?


Horror comics aren't my go to genre but this book is a real page turner. It has excellent flow and the dialog feels really natural. The suspense is maintained throughout but it seems to be quite early in the story when you come to the end of the volume. So, just know that this is not a stand alone story, and you're going to be itching for the next volume when you finish this one.


The creep factor for me is off the charts with this book. Jonestown is reverenced and after that was brought up I couldn't get those visual images out of my head while reading it. [I'm not too sure how many young readers will get the reference but you can look it up. I'm warning you though, you can't unsee it, and I had nightmares about it for a long time afterwards... it's that disturbing.]


As for the art; it's very suitable to the story. I'm not fond of the way in which some of the pages are colored. There are quite a few pages that are just done in shades of one color.


This is an early page that has a nice multi-color pallet.  This is Travis, an orphan with anger management issues, he seems to be the main protagonist of the story. Image1


Here is the cult and their leader, David.  He's Travis's father.  The two of them have the same eyes.




David, while Travis is being born... I'm not a fan of the limited colored pallets.  It does serve to make the atmosphere dreary but it also sacrifices a sense of dynamic action.




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