Loving a Fairy Godmother - Danielle Monsch

This is the seventh story in the Once Upon A Fairy Tale: A Collection of 11 Fairy Tale Inspired Romances anthology; that I got from NetGalley for review; and it’s one of the better ones so far.

I’m still not in love with it, because it’s another one that just feels too much like a contemporary romance. It’s about a knight who wishes to be a fairy godmother [this comes about in a strange way…]. He then has to help out Cinderella with the help of another unwilling fairy godmother. It’s sorta strange, it should feel magical but it just doesn’t. I think it's a general lack of world building that makes it feel flat.


I would definitely rec this author to those who enjoy contemporary romances, it seems reasonably well written and plotted, it just isn't my cup of tea.  I prefer my fairy tales to lean a lot more to the fantasy side.