Superman/Wonder Woman Vol. 1: Power Couple (The New 52) - Charles Soule

Superman/Wonder Woman, Vol. 1: Power CoupleSuperman/Wonder Woman, Vol. 1: Power Couple by Charles Soule My rating: 4 of 5 stars


In a nutshell, this story basically centers around Zod and Faora plotting to get out of the phantom zone. Some light romance between Diana and Clark, with cameo appearances from Batman, Doomsday, and some of Diana's friends and family.


I'm pretty indifferent to the romance between Superman and Wonder Woman; I just don't find it particularly compelling. There are dangling plot threads at the end of the volume, that I assume will be returned to.


The art in this volume is really lovely; however it's got a few different artists working on it, so you will note some differences. It's the kind of art I really think of when I think of DC Comics, big, bold, and dramatic. Absolutely beautifully colored throughout the book.


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Diana looking fierce.





Kneel before Zod!




Batman is everybody's favorite surly friend.




I love the colors used in the background of this panel of Zod and Faora; it really makes it pop.




So, it seems that Clark is the backseat driver of superhero battles.