Runespell (Legends and Lore) - Sela Carsen

Runespell (Legends and Lore)Runespell by Sela Carsen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Part of the anthology Once Upon A Fairy Tale: A Collection of 11 Fairy Tale Inspired Romances; gotten from NetGalley in exchange for feedback and review.

This author's writing style seems to be very comparable to several well know writers of paranormal romance. [Christine Feehan immediately came to mind but I know there is another one with a similar writing style, just can't think of the name right now.] Actually this story feels like a paranormal romance and not a fairy tale retelling.

It's based off of East of the Sun West of the Moon and has Norse mythology thrown into it. The author is good at pulling you into the story but it's much too short to be satisfying on any level. Also, it feels like an implausible amount of time to fall in love over a few days, it should have been stretched out into a much longer story. The point of this type of anthology isn't really to satisfy you though, it's to get you to purchase more of the authors work by giving you a writing sample. Based on this I would be willing to get a full length novel by Sela Carsen to try out.

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