Ash and the Army of Darkness - Steve Niles

I decided to pay a dollar and get the first tier off of the Humble Bundle Army of Darkness sale; because I wasn't really sure if I'd like Army of Darkness comics or not.  After reading this I'm still not sure about it.  The art and the story in this are both firmly, okay.  I felt a bit meh about the whole book.  The biggest problem I think is that nothing really happens in the first five issues  that couldn't have been condensed down into one comic.  That's a lot of dull comic to trudge through till you get to something that resembles a plot. 











Ash basically sums up the plot of this graphic novel in second narration box on this page:




He attempts to pick up every woman he comes across,Image3

with varying results,


and changes his arm out at every opportunity .

Image6 Image7

I don't know if I'll have time to read another volume before the bundle comes down tomorrow afternoon but based on reading this one I'm not interested in upgrading my bundle to get the rest of the volumes.