Teen Titans, Vol. 2: The Culling

Teen Titans, Vol. 2: The Culling - Scott Lobdell As a collection this was sort of a mixed bag. It collects issues of Teen Titans #8-14 and DC Universe Presents #12. Here's the main problem. It appears the first part of the collection was part of a cross over event with The Legion of Super Heroes and they did not include those other issues in this collection so the first half of the book makes no good sense. They did put some lead in paragraph pages, that I guess were supposed to take the place of them but it just didn't work on any level.

From that they end up on Mystery Island, where dinosaurs roam... -_- I wish I was kidding about that. Then they are teleported back to New Jersey and these Dino People follow them there... -_- Still I wish I was kidding... It really feels like part of this story is missing too. One of the worst comic stories I've read in awhile.

Finally at the end of the book we get Wonder Girl's origin story. This is the gem of the book. This part of the story was really enjoyable and I liked it quite a bit. There was some mention of Trigon too so hopefully the next volume will be better because I already bought it.