Skip Beat!, Vol. 03

Skip Beat!, Vol. 03 - Yoshiki Nakamura Kyoko shows off her skill with Japanese Tea Ceremony and we see a few flashbacks of her life as a little girl living with Sho's parents. I've been rereading these since it's been so long since I originally read them, and I'm starting to forget some of the earlier parts of the manga.

From the goodreads synopsis:

Kyoko is determined to win her way into show business, even if it means wearing embarrassing bright pink overalls and putting up with spoiled stars. But her first big assignment is proving more difficult than she imagined when Kyoko finds herself in front of the camera with an injured leg. Will she be able to ace her first attempt at acting despite the pain, or will she make an utter fool of herself in front of her sort-of nemesis, Ren Tsugura?