Green Arrow Vol. 2: Triple Threat

Green Arrow Vol. 2: Triple Threat - Ann Nocenti, Harvey Tolibao Oh, dear lord, it really did get worse. Unatractive art, and god-only-knows what's up with Ann Nocenti.

The first story is a disjointed, hot mess, about genetic engineering, and slutty triplets? Another is a oneshot about human robots. Then the one about the "Dark Arrows" who steal from the rich and give to the poor. The last was something to do with China; I fell asleep twice while trying to read that one.

It fairly reeks of leftist wing nut rhetoric, occupy wall street, the man is keeping us down, we should apologize to the environment for our existence, yadda, yadda, yadda.

The worst part is I also know that there is a whole nother volume written by her I have to get through to get to the next creative team. :-(

The Heart Thief (The Rhapp's Barren Triptych Book 1)

The Heart Thief (The Rhapp's Barren Triptych Book 1) - S. Lee Benedict, Karen Robinson Parts of this review are specificity for the Audible Audiobook version. "I was provided this audiobook at no charge by the author, publisher and/or narrator in exchange for an unbiased review via AudiobookBlast dot com.”

The Heart Thief: The Rhapp's Barren Triptych, Volume 1 written by S. Lee Benedict and narrated by R. C. Quartermaine is speculative fiction at it's best. Mr. Benedict does an excellent job fusing elements of Pulp Horror, Science Fiction, and Urban Fantasy together.

This book just comes shy of being superhero fiction, and I actually was reminded of Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson as I was reading it; not in content of course but rather something about the writing style and mood.

It's an action packed, plot driven young adult novel that's not bogged down by excessive info dumping or maudlin romance. The book moves seamlessly from beginning to end and although we come to a satisfying stopping point at the end; we are also left with a hook to reel us into the next part of the story.

As for the narration, The Heart Thief is told though multiple points of view both male and female. Thankfully R. C. Quartermaine handles these shifts in a masterful fashion and each person has a distinct voice. I was never left wondering who was speaking. His voice is very, very pleasant to listen to.

Some of my impressions while reading the book:

2.0% "Has an action packed prolog and my first impression of the narrator is really good."

12.0% "Very easy to listen to so far."

22.0% "Interesting..."

37.0% "Ghoulish villains abound, oh my..."

62.0% "Very interesting story so far... it's sort of got a pulp hero / weird science slant to it. Ha-ha, I can't help imagining the family as looking sort of like the Addams family though..."

76.0% "I should be sleeping... I'm going to be so dead tired tomorrow..."

Recommended to fans of Brandon Sanderson's Steelheart, Mary Shelly's Frankenstein, and other readers of highly imaginative fiction.

Vegetable Gardening For Dummies

Vegetable Gardening For Dummies - Charlie Nardozzi, Dummies Press Staff Book was as expected, a general reference guide to vegetable gardening. Nothing profound or very entertaining in here but it is useful which is the point after all.


Slayers  - C.J. Hill, Janette Rallison I received this in a goodreads giveaway but I just couldn't finish it. It didn't hold my interest. I think I probably got about 100 pages in before I quite the book.

Pulp Heroes - Khan Dynasty

Pulp Heroes - Khan Dynasty - Wayne Reinagel Received in a goodreads giveaway. Interesting but so long I think it should have been broken up into smaller parts.

Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier Volume 1: The Man on the Wall

Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier Volume 1: The Man on the Wall - Ales Kot, Marco Rudy, Langdon Foss Collects Bucky Barnes: Winter Soldier [2014] #1-5

Read as single issue comics on Marvel Unlimited reading app.

I'm in love! It's all about the dreamlike story and art. What can I say about it? You really need to look at the pages to appreciate the stylized quality of the story and how it works together. There are a few break-away scenes that are done in a different style of art than the primary story as well.

What you should know about this that most of this story takes place in space. Loki and Crossbones are somehow involved. I will not spoil you by giving much detail but this comes to a stopping point that is not the resolution of the story; so don't consider this a stand alone graphic novel. Bucky's partner is Daisy "Quake" Johnson [That is the same character as Skye from the Marvel Agents of Shield TV show.]

This is probably one of my favorite things I'm reading on Marvel Unlimited right now.

Cyclops Volume 1: Starstruck

Cyclops Volume 1: Starstruck - Marvel Comics Read from Marvel Unlimited App issues 1-5 of Cyclops [2014].

Oh, how I hate to admit it, but I ended up liking this quite a bit. It's only getting three stars because of two things, one the art was nothing special, and two, the premise of this "time swept" teenage Scott Summers and the fact that there is another adult Scott running around is beyond stupid. The story itself however I liked quite a lot.

The covers on this look pretty misleading too. Looks like the artist drew the beefed up adult Scott on the covers and not the skinny 16 year old Scott depicted in the story.

Five Little Monkeys Storybook Treasury

Five Little Monkeys Storybook Treasury - Eileen Christelow The story's in this book have been favorites in my home recently. My son always wants the same two stories the one that is the retold version of the song five little monkeys jumping on the bed [He always wants to try to act out the jumping on the bed part. -_-], and the one where the five little monkeys bake their mother a birthday cake. I enjoy the illustrations in these books quite a bit, although I'm not completely dazzled by the stories themselves; but my child loves it and seems to be learning, and that's the important thing.

All-new Hawkeye #1

All-new Hawkeye #1 - Jeffrey Lemire, Ramón Pérez I'm in. I absolutely adored this first issue. The story is told in two contrasting art styles and it really leaves an impact. The layouts are imaginative and the story was interesting and fast paced. It just ended too soon though; I wanted the next issue right away.

Spider-Gwen #1

Spider-Gwen #1 - Jason Latour, Robbi Rodriguez, Rico Renzi I'm not overly impressed by the first issue of Spider-Gwen. The story is somewhat confusing, I'm not really sure what's going on except that it's set in an alternate timeline. The characters I recognized were Gwen Stacy, Foggy Nelson, Frank Castle, and a demented version of Mary Jane.

The art is simplistic and lacks fine detail work, but is vibrantly colored which somewhat makes up for it. The biggest problem I see though is that eyesore of a costume. I don't know what's going on with it but it really looks bad in the panels. I don't even like the way it looks on the cover. It lacks dynamic movement, and I dislike the color scheme used on it. It would be a huge improvement if they got rid of one of the four colors and moved the V on the costume to a more natural looking placement either above or below the breast line.

Well, that's my impression of the first issue, maybe it'll make more sense to me a few issues into it.

The Invincible Iron Man, Vol. 1: The Five Nightmares

The Invincible Iron Man, Vol. 1: The Five Nightmares - Matt Fraction, Salvador Larroca The art and the story are both strong and consistent. Just not crazy about Tony Stark being the director of S.H.I.E.L.D and those aspects of the story are uninteresting to me at this point and that's why I rated this a four star instead of five.

The Doctor's Office - 123 Sesame Street (Where is the puppy?, The Doctor's Office)

The Doctor's Office - 123 Sesame Street (Where is the puppy?, The Doctor's Office) - Sarah Albee There are four books in "Where is the Puppy" book series that I know about. Each one has Elmo going someplace in town.

What makes these little stories really great is the where is the missing puppy. He's hiding someplace on each page and my child loves trying to spot him. Also at the end of the book is a glossary of everyday words used in the story to go over with your child and another little activity called Do You See What I See?. That one is where you try to get your child to describe and talk about some objects.

Of course it also has a nice little story about what commonly goes on at a doctor's office.

Captain Marvel Volume 2: Stay Fly

Captain Marvel Volume 2: Stay Fly - Marcia Takara, Kelly Sue DeConnick Enjoyable but a bit on the silly side. The stories here flow into each other well but it doesn't seem to have any big thing going on nor does it seem to be leading up to anything.

Captain Marvel Volume 1: Higher, Further, Faster, More

Captain Marvel Volume 1: Higher, Further, Faster, More - Kelly Sue DeConnick, David López This is one of the better stories I've read recently. It's a solid if not particularly noteworthy plot. I'll be reading the next volume of this title soon.

Happy Cafe, Vol. 1

Happy Cafe, Vol. 1 - Kou Matsuzuki I guess I would kind of describe this as sort of an airhead comedy.

Note: AKA -- Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume

Futures End The New 52, Vol. 1

Futures End The New 52, Vol. 1 - Jeff Lemire, Jesús Merino, Keith Giffen, Aaron Lopresti, Brian Azzarello, Scot Eaton, Patrick Zircher, Dan Jurgens I kept going back and forth about how much I liked this. It's definitely not a five star read but honestly I'm pretty into the story and want to finish it so it's that good at least. One of the best parts for me anyway is that the story has a lot characters that just don't get a lot of opportunities to shine. There are quite a few players in the story that are in different places doing different things. How all these different events tie together is what we are building up to I guess.

I feel like I might have to get the Earth 2 books after this and read those, because the keep talking about the Earth 2 War, and its fallout. If there was anything I would really complain about content wise it's that Mister Terrific is shown, in my opinion, to be acting somewhat out of character at least in the beginning of the story. He's portrayed as this smarmy media personality, all obsessed with making sure he's "trending". 0_0 Sigh.

The art is acceptable but not mindblowing.

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